Jim was next, greeting his novillo with veronicas and a rebolera. He granted the quite to the novillero,
Cayetano Delgado, who was helping throughout the afternoon and hopes to debut in La Plaza Mexico this
year. Jim also dedicated to Fred and opened the faena with por altos in los medios. Working the novillo on
both sides while controlling the lidia in the center of the ring, Jim was awarded two ears by the judge, but the
crowd, perhaps because of the fiesta atmosphere, insisted that he be given the tail as well.
Karla fought the last animal and showed she is ready to enter the ranks of professional toreros. After
classical veronicas, she too, allowed Cayetano to make a quite. The faena that followed her dedication to
Fred was long and varied. Karla pushed the envelop to get the most from her novillo, suffering a tossing for
her efforts. The quick quite by David Verner guided the animal away from the fallen torera while her father,
the matador and ganadero, Paco Santoyo, helped Karla to her feet so she could continue with stylish muleta
work. Touring the ring with her well deserved ear and tail, Karla closed the festival on a high note.
The crowd then returned to bar and restaurant area to continue festivities with the two huge birthday cakes
Lisa Renk baked for the occasion.

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